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Institutional Development

Building capacity of people and institutions to respond to the arthropod-related development needs of Africa has been a major commitment of icipe since its establishment, and the centre has a proud tradition and an excellent reputation as an incubator of some of Africa’s best young scientists.

Building the capacity of people and institutions is achieved through: High-level training at postgraduate and postdoctoral levels to develop African scientific expertise and leadership; Institutional development by nurturing and strengthening of African research and development organisations and institutions and Dissemination of technologies to national agricultural and health research and extension systems through training.

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Capacity building is deeply integrated into icipe’s R&D programmes. These span the whole continuum from basic strategic research to technology development and validation, and ultimately community-based adaptation and adoption. Hence, icipe's capacity building objectives at all levels are achieved as the Centre undertakes its core research work in fulfillment of its mandate.

A key focus of CB&ID is the training of a critical mass of young researchers from Africa in arthropod-related sciences at MSc, PhD and postdoctoral levels, through the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS), the Dissertation Research Internship Programme (DRIP) and the Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) programmes. This focus reflects icipe’s and NEPAD’s CAADP principles of building capacity to enable national and sub-regional R&D innovation systems to undertake their own R&D programmes and deliver on-the-ground impacts for Africa. icipe’s connection with graduates continues well after their formal training, by fostering cooperation and networking with its alumni for personal and institutional capacity strengthening.


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