These PhD Research Project Proposal webpages aim to help you to think clearly about your proposed research in a logical, structured and meaningful way, and to help you communicate your ideas.

Why is a good research proposal essential to your PhD?

A research proposal is an important first step on your journey leading to a PhD.
It is essential your proposal is good. The better your proposal, the better your chances of success in your research, so it is important that you commit time and effort to developing it.
The proposal reflects your commitment to the PhD study.
It immediately reflects your initial understanding of the research topic and your potential as a research scientist.
It demonstrates that you are capable of independent critical thinking and analysis, and communicating your ideas clearly.
The proposal provides an opportunity for the scientific community at icipe and your university to verify that your proposed project is focused, innovative, important and feasible.
The proposal can be challenging to write. However, undertaking a PhD is challenging, so the proposal is good training.
You do not need to have a PhD degree to write a PhD research proposal. At the beginning of your PhD you are not expected to be a world expert in your subject. But you are expected to have a good level of knowledge and understand how your research will make an important contribution to the subject.