ARPPIS-DAAD doctoral scholarships available for study at icipe, Kenya

3 year doctoral training in insect sciences for development

Closing date for applications: 22nd March 2016

Any application received after this date will not be considered or acknowledged.     Kindly note that only successful candidates will be contacted.









  1. 1. Download and complete the scholarship Application Form

      To download the Application Form as a doc file click here

      To download the Application Form as a docx file click here


  3. 2. Then go to the online application platform by clicking here to add information and upload your completed Application Form and the following documents:



Q: May I submit my application by email?

A: No. Only applications submitted through the online platform here will be accepted.


Q: I am over the age limit. May I apply?

A: Yes, you may apply. We prefer to select candidates who are within the age limits. However, even if you are beyond the age limit you could still be selected if your application is very strong.


Q: May I submit my application in French?

A: No. Your application must be in English.


Q: I cannot upload one of my files. What is wrong?

A: (1) Perhaps your file is too big. The maximum size for any single file is 5 MB. Please reduce the file size if it is too big. (2) Perhaps your Internet is too slow or intermittent. It is highly recommended that you reduce the sizes of your files as much as possible to facilitate uploading. Also, try uploading your documents when internet traffic is low e.g. at night. (3) Perhaps you are trying to upload a file that is not one of the accepted file formats (Accepted formats: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, rtf, zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tif, gif)


Q: My first degree is not Second-Class upper division or First Class. May I apply?

A: Yes, you may apply. If the rest of your application is very strong then we may consider your application.


Q: I have already registered for a PhD at a university. May I apply?

A: No. ARPPIS PhD students develop their proposals and then register at a university after they start their work at icipe.


Q: I have completed all the requirements for my Master’s degree but I have not yet graduated. May I apply?

A: Yes you may apply. Instead of the Master’s degree certificate please provide a letter from the university stating that you have completed all the requirements for the Master’s degree.


Q: Can I choose a PhD project that is not on your list of Eligible Projects?

A: No. You must select one or two projects from the list of Eligible Projects here. If you give a project title that is not on the list then your application will not be considered.


Q: I submitted my application online, but I did not receive an email application. What is wrong?

A: There are 2 possibilities: (1) you entered an incorrect email address, or (2) You did not actually submit your application. Please read the Application Procedure very carefully and redo your application.


Q: I obtained my Master’s degree more than 6 years ago. May I apply?

A: No. The Master’s degree must have been completed less than six years ago at the time of application.




In case of any questions regarding the application, kindly contact:

Ms. Lilian Igweta,

Training Officer,

Capacity Building and Institutional Development Programme, icipe

Tel: +254 20 863 2272



Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity.

We look forward to receiving your application.